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Book Presentations with Dianne Robbins:


Dianne is A Voice for the Inner Earth and Nature Kingdoms and is the author of 5 books of varying topics including: Telos, the City beneath Mt. Shasta where the Lemurians live; Messages from the Hollow Earth; Interspecies Communication with the Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins); Trees and Crystals, and the Elemental Kingdom.


If you are (or plan to be) in the Mount Shasta area, and would like to meet Dianne, she is holding individual and group Book Presentations:



    • Presentations last approximately an hour depending on group size

    • Dianne will talk about the books she has authored

    • Q & A with Dianne

    • Signed copies of Dianne's books available for purchase




    • $35/person (minimum 3 people)

    • Group discounts available, contact for quote.



Call or email for list of available dates/times.  Details and pricing are subject to change.


Dianne Robbins


Meet The Author Book Presentation Sessions!