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Since 2000, we have concentrated on the practice of remote-viewing and astral traveling into Earth’s subterranean with over 50 recorded journeys. is also keen on influencing its readers to seek out and practice light frequency physical immortality as practiced in Telos below Mt. Shasta, Catharia, below the Aegean Sea, and the crystal city below Mt. Kailash, of the Himalayas. Presently we are studying and sharing Time Line Travel experiences and will be providing group sessions in 2015 for those wishing to transcend Time and through evocation enter into history’s past as it has truly unfolded. - peace and into the Light,
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Erin Mackley is Telos-Channel who offers personal sessions where you can ask Adama questions. She had an encounter with Adama 8 years ago when she learned about Telos. She offers direct channeling, healing and ascension work.

Judy Cali is a Telos-Channel who offers personal sessions where you can ask Adama or Mikos questions. She has been offering Personal Sessions with Adama, the High Priest and Ascended Master of Telos and with Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the Hollow Earth for more than 10 years. She lives in Southern California, USA


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Andrew Oser is a Mount Shasta Sacred Sites Tour Guide, and has been leading Mount Shasta retreats since 1982. He can help you to receive the gifts the mountain has for you and to build a bridge from your magical journey to your life back home.