Saturday, February 27, 2010


A Whale Protection organization (WDCS) reported that a trainer was killed by an "attack" of the male Orca whale Tilikum, at Sea World Florida, USA. They report another Orca at Tenerife Aquarium at Loro Park in Canary Islands, Spain, had killed his trainer several weeks ago. Please pass this message on to the Corporate Officers and Trainers. These aquarium addresses are at the end of this message.
Here is the reply from the WHALE NATION:


Dearest friend of ours,

We are the Whales, and thank you for tuning into us. Yes, 2 trainers were killed at Sea World, due to the stresses and mis-treatment of Tilikum and the other Whale kept in captivity against their will. We whales need to be out in the Oceans, swimming freely, and not penned up in the heat and noise of an aquarium. There is only so much that we can tolerate before we lose our senses and attack those who work with us. It is a form of delirium that sets in, after so many long years of incarceration in small, warm pools devoid of the lifeforce of the Oceans. Oh, how we yearn for our freedom for all of our kind that are being held against their will.

Yes, some of us do volunteer for this, but for the most part, we are just taken without our consent and used as slaves to make money for the park owners, who have no sense of kinship or remorse for taking our lives against our will. They just use us to rake in the money for their own selfish desires of exploitation.

We are helpless in this regard, since we can’t speak their language and they are too dense to hear our thoughts. So we just languish here in pools that are too small for our huge bodies, and in the pain of separation from our loved ones and the Ocean we lash out in our misery of being
dis-connected from our families and being mis-treated by our trainers in their ignorance of our primal needs.

We are treated like animals in a caged-pen… and we are not that. We are greatly evolved Beings of great capacities to heal those who come to us, when we out in the Oceans. This is our role – to heal humans in need, and to balance the bio-sphere. But we cannot do this from a caged up pen on land, so we are frustrated, alone, and devoid of the life-force of our ocean home. We lose our consciousness and our senses and revert to struggling for “a breath of fresh ocean air” that is not in our reach. We lose “our mind” due to our capitivity.

So please understand that this is not our natural behavior, and that we, who are free in the OCEANS, are friendly and playful and very aware and careful of our behavior when humans are near us, and we seek the companionship of humans who are in the Oceans.

We thank you for connecting to us today. We send you sprays of Ocean Water to soothe your skin as you sit at your computer on dry land. We sing our praises to you…

The One Group Mind of Earth’s Cetaceans

Copyright February 27, 2010

“The Call Goes Out from the CETACEAN NATION”
by Dianne Robbins ~


Loro Parque Avministracion
Avenida Loro Parque s/n
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Canary Islands

Corporate Office
7007 SeaWorld Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821 USA

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We keep Expanding our Levels of Consciousness

We are the Cetaceans. We speak to you today of Love. Love from one species of Light to another species of Light. Regardless of the category of species, we are all Light – no other name matters. For Light encompasses all of God’s qualities and God’s qualities are inherent in all living forms, whether or not they are aware of it. So the awakening to the Light that humanity is feeling now is being felt by all species on the Earth. All species are being called to wake up from their long slumber and to embody the Light and Love that is now available to all on Earth.

We, too, are being called to the Light, even though we are already awakened to our full consciousness in the seas. We are being called to other levels of consciousness that exist in the Light. For there’s no end to the levels of consciousness you can rise into. It is never ending – it is God’s Glory that never ends – but always rises and expands from within our Souls. There is Glory unending just as our Father’s mansion keeps expanding its rooms of consciousness to contain higher and higher levels of awareness, so too do we keep expanding our “rooms” or levels of consciousness to move into more and more of our Father’s mansion.

In our Father’s mansion, there are many rooms – each room expanding into a higher dimension of consciousness – unending – our expansion goes on through Eternity – we are never “there” for there’s nowhere to get to – there is always expansion into more and more of the Source, and the more we expand the more the Source expands.

We, in the depths of your oceans, know this. That’s why we don’t mind being “trapped” in the depths of your 3rd dimensional oceans, because although we are here physically, spiritually we are everywhere. Our consciousness is everywhere. We can take in the whole Universe and be aware of everything happening on many different dimensions while still swimming in your Oceans.

You, too, will be coming into your awareness of the different dimensions and you will be integrating these dimensions into your beingness, so that you, too, will be aware of many higher dimensions while still walking on Earth.

It is at this juncture that we, the Cetaceans, and you, the humans, will meet in thought on a higher dimension of frequency, where we await you.

Until that time, which is rapidly approaching, think of us in the depths of your oceans and connect with us in thought, as we are always thinking of you and are always sending our thoughts to you on shore.

We will meet on the Waves of Light.

~ The Cetaceans


Dear Friends,
All 4 of my books are now available on a CD, including an audio of Sharula Dux describing the City of Telos, plus a video of Lolita, the Orca Whale imprisoned in the Sea Aquarium in Miami, Florida. Please see to order CD, or send a check for $25 (includes shipping) to:

Dianne Robbins
P.O. Box 825,
Weed, CA 96094

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello from the Crystal People

And now the Crystal People are here. Yes, you knew it was us. You felt our presence and saw our image in your mind’s eye. We, too, would like to be represented to surface folk, so that they can hear our tale and learn about our living presence and our connectiveness to all life forms also. For we are also alive, breathing, and carry records of events and history of the Earth in our crystalline matrix. Although we look like a rock, our skin reflects the great Beings of Light that we, too, are. We are smooth as glass, and clear as crystal, for we are crystal in its purest form, and we radiate the Light from the heavens, and capture its essence in our form. We can encode all life events in our crystalline matrix, which you can read back, once you learn how to break our code. And this code combination is stored inside your DNA, ready to be accessed as soon as you raise your frequency just a few more notches.

Oh my, we have so much ‘in store’ for you, just waiting to be told. We ask that you please take our dictations to humankind, for the purpose of enlightening all surface folk to the rich life and purpose of our existence too. All life forms have purpose on Earth, and we want to tell about ours. It is time for all to know of the life styles we live deep within the Earth’s crust, and how we can be partners with you during your lifetimes. How we want to feel your touch and have you hold us close to your hearts. We, too, have a romance with one another, and we are your new partners in life’s dance.

We love you, Earth’s Crystals

Mikos is here. And we are thrilled with your new connection to the Crystal World. Yes, these people are awesome in their state of Beingness too. They just stand at their posts, buried deep within the ground, and grow and listen and watch and capture all that occurs on and in the Earth. For they are great antennas too, and can read the wind, hear the water, and scan the sky. They can fly. They fly through their thoughts; alighting at whatever destination they choose to go to. They travel on crystal beams of Light, and are connected to the Creator’s heart, just as all life is. They too, have a tale to tell, and we will assist in bringing their transmissions to you. Remember, we all work as One. We are all the Creator’s Entourage! (We thought you would like that one.)


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adama of Telos: The end of fly and spray

Dear Inner Earth Family,

The following message from Adama was received by Evelyn Kummerle from Germany, who also channels Adama and Mikos.

You can visit Evelyn's website at:

Because of its importance, I am sending it out on my Blog.
Blessings, Dianne Robbins


Open letter to all chemtrail pilots

Adama of Telos through Evelyn Kümmerle

15th June 2009

massive spraying attack on 14th June 2009, Southern Germany, Kichardt near Heilbronn

Adama, did I get this right? A message to all chemtrail pilots?


I'll be here for transcribing this afternoon.

Can hardly wait to see you, dear.


Adama, can we go ahead?

Welcome, beloved. So, this is an open letter to all chemtrail pilots. Although it's unlikely that any chemtrail pilot will ever come here to read this, this letter will be transmitted energetically to all chemtrail pilots who are souled beings. Yes, there may be some who do not carry a soul, being of artificial intelligence, (robotoids, E.) but midwayers will select the ones with a father fragment. This message is either turned to those beings giving order to fly and spray, to the ones filling the chemistry into the chem-depots and to the ones who turned to believe th there is nothing wrong in spraying chemistry into the atmosphere. So, to all needing to hear about.

Folks, you are living on a beautiful planet, on a blue jewel in space. This planet was created by God, who loves his creation. You have been created by him, too. You came here to be intelligent beings and unfortunately you got stuck inside a matrix of illusion. You are standing there upon mother earth and looking up to the sky – what do you feel?

Are you still able to feel?

There goes a phrase saying that above the clouds freedom would be limitless. Now, you guys might have had the whish to fly. You were intelligent and couraged enough to become trained to be pilots of aircraft. There is not so many occasion in this branch to choose – you can either join the military carreer or civil air traffic – or become a private pilot for a top manager, e.g. But anyway you have settled to gain a licence to fly. And now, what are you doing with it?

The atmosphere of earth is necessary for life on the planet. For decades your surface dwellers have been polluting it by industrial waste gas and else. Our silver fleet vessels have been very busy in clearing the atmosphere again and again, to give you one chance after the other to go on, hoping that you would change your mind, as civilization. And now here come some wolves dressed in sheep-suits and they hire you guys, telling you: JUST FLY AND SPRAY. And you claim, you would need that job, it was just a job like any other, you would need your income or even that you simply would not know or not care about what you are doing there! You sit inside your aircraft, you start up and press the button to start spraying your chemtrails.


Filling any chemistry depot, delivering chemical supplies for that intention or setting your feet and your backside into the cockpit of a spraying aircraft makes you become assistants in a big project of mass-murder.



It does not matter whether you use anonymous aircraft or not. The dirty work you perform is outing you by any means. You hurt creation and as you hurt creation you hurt yourself as your body was originally intended to be temple of God. You misuse the freedom that should dwell over the clouds. You misuse the free will that was given to you by the creator. To tell that you just did not know what you were doing is nothing but a poor try to escape the responsibility. If you are intelligent enough to fly such a plane or to steer a remote controlled spraying craft you should be most likely intelligent enough to question WHAT you are really doing there. It's never too late to stop, so I URGENTLY ADVISE YOU TO EARN YOUR MONEY BY A JOB WHICH DOES NOT HARM A COMPLETE PLANET AND CIVILIZATION. AND IF YOU KEEP SPRAYING YOU WILL HAVE TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

The blue sky, clean and radiating the love of the creator, is meant to be unharmed and hands off, untouchable.


You will fail to pass your exam, folks. STOP IT AND STOP IT NOW! TIME OUT.


And I assure you, this is not “revenge” of God in any kind. It's nothing else than what you have created for yourselves by breaking the cosmic law. This is your last chance, folks. It's me, Adama of Telos, speaking also on behalf of mother earth, who deserves heartfelt thanks for nurturing her children, instead of being hit straight in her face. If you stop out of your free will you will be blessed. If not, just wait and see. Thanks to the midwayers transmitting and delivering this message to the persons in question. And should you, dear readers, know anybody who is a FLY AND SPRAY PILOT, then please copy this message and pass it on to the person in question. With deep thanks for your support and best whishes for insight to the Chemtrail pilots...(Get well, soon!) this is your eternal friend Adama of Telos.

PS: Yesterday we had a massive spraying attack, lasting the whole sunday. The picture at the top of the document shows just the beginning. My cloudbuster had a lot of work to do. But in the evening the sky was clear again.

Cloudbuster in my garden

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Dreams and Thoughts Create your Future

Greetings! I am Adama from Telos, your lost city beneath the Earth, which many on the surface still have no inkling of.

We wish to spread the magnificence of our existence to all on the surface, so that all humanity will re-think their ideas and beliefs about existence on this planet. We feel that it's time for all to hear about us, and for all to connect with us in their thoughts.

For our purpose of re-emerging at this time is to awaken all to the Glory of God, and to the glorified plan that our Creator has in store for us.

We are all brothers and sisters, wherever we live - whether in the oceans, on the land, or in the inner earth and Subterranean Cities. We all come from the same source, breathe the same air and dream the same dreams.

You can literally change your reality by the dreams you envision and the thoughts you think. For it is the dreams and thoughts that create your future. So dream on, our brothers and sisters, and in your dreams see only an Earth glorified in love and light, peopled by Light Beings of great beauty and purity of heart. It all starts with your thoughts and ends with your manifestations.

Yes, you do manifest the conditions of your lives. You manifest your reality daily, by the thoughts you go to sleep with the night before. So as you lie in bed dreaming of days to come, surround each thought with light so that only the magnificence of each idea blooms into the purity of light. Enrich your dreams, and make them as grand as you can, for in the Infinite Universe all is possible - and the more grand the idea, the more possible it can be. For God only wishes the grandest and most majestic of worlds. Anything less is not of God, but of man.

So dream your dream, and see yourself as the majestic Beings you are, fully in control of your thoughts and fully aware of the purity of your intentions before you send them out to our Universe. That way, all will be returned to you in the glory and bliss of your dreams being manifested into your reality.

This is how we, in the Subterranean Cities, created our home of Bliss. We are very aware and tuned into our thoughts, and hold them in check to be released only when they are pure light and love. This way, only love and light returns to us, in the form we created.

This is a Universal Law - one so basic that we wonder how it has eluded you for so long. It is now time to return to God, and to re-acquaint yourselves with the Eternal Laws of the Universe. For you know these laws. These laws are a part of all life. And as you move up the scale of consciousness you will become more and more aware of the existence of Universal Law and you
will wonder how it was that you could have ever forgotten.

This is Adama, your brother, bringing you back to the LAW of ONE. Adonai, my brothers and sisters of Light.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Call Goes Out

Stay tuned for weekly messages from the Hollow Earth, Telos, and the Cetaceans!

~ Dianne Robbins

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