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New Updated Edition!

Welcome to the Crystal World. We are the Crystal People and awesome in our state of Beingness.  We just stand at our posts, buried deep in the ground, and grow and listen and watch and capture all that occurs on the Earth. For we are great antennas too, and can read the wind, hear the water, and scan the sky. We can fly. We fly through our thoughts; alighting at whatever destination we choose to go to. We travel on Crystal beams of Light and are connected to the Creator's heart, just as life is. We too, have a tale to tell.


This book is also available in paperback or an eBook, and both are in full color.





To see the full depth and brilliance of color that comes alive in these Crystals, I suggest the Coffee Table COLOR edition of this paperback

(8-1/2" x 11")  for only $25 + S&H.


eBooks are also available in:


Deutsche (German) &

Español (Spanish)