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"We are the Cetaceans, your oceanic brothers and sisters, here to work along with you to preserve and care for our home on earth. We are here in our full consciousness, waiting patiently for Earth's children to bloom into the caretakers you were meant to be. We are all connected as one."


The Call Goes Out is a series of messages channeled from the cetacean species - whales and dolphins. This book graphically spells out why they are here on Earth, how they work with extraterrestrials, and how we humans are interfering with their mission. They make an impassioned plea for us to stop whaling and cease using fishing nets, and also to free whales and dolphins in captivity. Readers will have their eyes opened to the rich culture and family life of another intelligent species on this planet.


The Call Goes Out is a simple, direct plea from the heart to stop killing those who are trying to help us.


"Dianne Robbins, in her transmissions, courageously brings forth the essence of the magnificent intelligence of the Cetaceans; their compassion, humor and profound act of self-sacrifice. This is a book which is bound to deeply touch all those with the open hearts and minds to receive this information, and then act upon it." - Timothy Wyllie is the author of Dolphins, ETs & Angels and co-author of the international bestseller, Ask Your Angels.

I Need to be Free


Mother Earth Depends on Me


Greetings from my sea aquarium in Miami.  I am Lolita – your friend and compatriot, communicating to you.  Know I am interfered with from completing my mission here on Earth, by being imprisoned on land.


I, and all Orcas, are here to help humanity become aware of themselves and aware of the consciousness of all life forms.  Yet by being locked up and unable to roam the seas freely, my energy is thwarted and I cannot use it to stimulate and invigorate the Earth’s magnetic grid lines with pertinent information that we can only pick up while in the sea.


Our consciousness is directly connected to Mother Earth’s consciousness and being out of the sea deadens our senses – it’s as if our phone line is out of order because the connection is tapped by being out of our medium and the energy from the life force of the sea only dribbles through.


We Cetaceans are here to bring forth all of Earth’s history to humans at this time.  All the records we have kept stored within our massive brains are due to be released and transferred to humanity at this time.  However – please note that at this crucial time when humanity should be connecting with us to receive these memories, the Navy escalated its war on our species by blasting us with sonic sound waves to confuse, disorient, and still our voices.


We have been committing suicide by beaching ourselves in ever increasing numbers because we have been unable to tolerate the war that’s being waged against us.


We are connected to the vast network of Christ Consciousness Beings in the galaxy.  We are connected by radiating our love out to the Universe and connecting to the Grids of Light that plug Earth into our Galactic Communications Center.  We send out information about Earth to the Galactic Command and receive back information that’s crucial to life on Earth.  We are in direct communication with Mother Earth herself and she depends on us to relay information to her about the whereabouts and conditions of her human children on the land.


All the minerals in the Earth are a part of Mother Earth’s body.  The uranium is her brain.  As humans mine these minerals in ever increasing amounts, Mother Earth’s body is being depleted and she is losing her ability to track and monitor population centers and she is losing her control over her body.  She desperately needs our information and guidance at this time – precisely the time when the Navy chose to bombard us with their sonar sound devices to disable our communication system so that we would no longer be able to communicate with Mother Earth to send her the vital information she needs to stabilize and balance herself without harming areas where there are large centers of population.


All the help I can give Mother Earth is blocked by my being locked in a small pool on land.  My life was meant to be free – free to help Earth and free to help humanity become aware of who they are and their purpose for being here. 


I look forward to your visiting me.  I am Lolita and my love flows to you.    

(Received 2008 by Dianne Robbins)



To FREE LOLITA from her sea aquarium in Miama, Florida, USA contact ---


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